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It’s binding according to the range of that particular declaration.

It does not contain any “new dogma,” but is, rather, an exposition of dogma always held and taught by the Church.

He also discusses the dangers of the CDF being ignored, particularly in the drafting process of pontifical documents such as the Pope’s apostolic exhortation on the family, and how a pervading sense of fear is preventing more people, particularly priests, seminarians and professors, from daring to openly criticize aspects of this pontificate.

He also shares his opinion on the the extent of authority held by the Pope’s closest advisers, and the dangers some of them present by invoking the Holy Spirit to justify their positions considered by some scholars as propagating heresy. The approach of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith since the changes of the Second Vatican Council is first to promote the faith — and the second is to defend the faith.

The Pope will not and cannot change either the doctrine or the sacraments.

Then you have and your interpretation of it that diverges from those held by the Pope’s closest advisers and, in view of his comments on the issue, very possibly the Pope himself. I don’t know because no explanation was offered to me.

In there’s no new doctrine or explication of some juridical points of the doctrine, but an acceptance of the doctrine of the Church and the sacraments.

The only question is their pastoral application in extraordinary situations.

It has no more weight than the statements of other bishops — and certainly for the whole Church, he has no magisterial authority — and so it holds no more authority for me than any other theological voice.

[the highly disputed chapter on, among other things, allowing Holy Communion for remarried divorcees in a small number of special cases].

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How important is the CDF — until the 1960s, the most important Vatican department — in the life of the Church today? 13 with Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who had served five years as the congregation’s prefect until Pope Francis decided not to renew his term in July for reasons the cardinal has said were never explained to him.

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