The detailsview detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn t handled

But we have them, because they don’t get one-shot by burst.

So much so, that we see them in almost every single game.

I shoutcast tournaments, I make videos about patch notes and new champions, I answer gameplay questions on the forums.

I seriously just explained this an hour ago and he typed exactly what I said.

The reputation of "Community [department] is a lackey for marketing" can be true in other places.

We're well-respected and while we do work with marketing, we make most of our own calls and do a lot of what we feel is best.

Hi newbie2C#, The row in datagrid is called Data Grid Item and in gridview is called Grid View Row. Data Row is only one kind of row in Grid View control. Trouble controlling controlls with CSS I am trying to control the :hover css property on controls. My question is, should I be using things like the Login control or should I program these from scratch? I've done a few huge sites in Classic ASP (million-hits-per-day type sites) and I'm not sure how robust certain controls are, or when to use them.

The problem I'm having is that the accordion is not responding to any client side events.Melee fighter guys are really quite common, because they bring a lot to the table.In the end, it’s up to teams how they want to play.Here is my code: CSS:.sidebar Button{ width: 168px; height: 45px; background-color: #666666; text-align: left; font-weight: bold; font-family: Century Gothic; font-size: 13pt; color: White; border-style: none; ..control in data presentation controls can i add ajax controls (Masked Edit) to presentation controls (data Grid, data Form)?? But keep in mind that those controls are extenders, so you append them to an existing control. NET, why is when I create a datawindowcontrol custom control that any reference to it is like (assuming that u_dw is the name of the DW control): custom_control.u_dw. when i double click on the white page, the page load event, in the intellisense, the textbox is visible, but when a formview with a textbox inside, in the same page load event, intellisense, the textbox is not available. Net Control as activex control in VCL form Hi , We have a to integrate a simple .Just convert your Grid View / Details View-fields into templated fields and add the extender you'd like to use to the controls. With Regards, Saravana Kumar M R You could use the calendar extender control in the AJAX control toolkit. NET custom control Hi Just attempting to investigate some DW. Datawindow Object = "my DW" instead of simply: u_dw. NET custom control with a button on it, I can directly reference the button's methods and properties without having to qualify it with the custom control's name. how can i do the simple intellisense calling where the textbox is just outside a data presentation control like formview. NET Control (like: Text Box, Button...) to Web Custom Control. Alphavn That's called a composite control -- "Mark As Answer" if my reply helped you -- Hello Guys What gunteman said, that is one approach and in most cases the right one. NET Libraries / Controls Bruce Armstrong [Team Sybase] Sybase blogs: Two 3rd party books on developing with Power Builder Dot CSharp control which needs to be integrated into bcb2010 VCL form as a control.

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Hi, Are you missing bold stuff: Protected Sub Details View1_Mode Changing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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