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Lots of new dialogues (this part contains more text than v.02 and almost as much as v.03) .However, some scenes are hidden and getting them depends on the players choices.When we enter the story, our hero is preparing for his new employment by moving in with his sister, Julia, since her home is much closer to the bookstore where he now works.

But if you want to open all the achievements - you have to start from the first day. Mini FAQ: Diary of Liara can only be found in a bad ending.

In order not to get a bad ending, you need to sleep with Liara before searching for the Legion.

To do this, you need to score at least 18 points of the hero. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 1110 MB Life Choices v0.8.0 You've lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District.

Changelog 0.020: Added / modified the inventory-system Added on-screen navigation for the main bedroom (WIP) (both morning / night) Added a cheat-system for characters (currenly you enable it via the console: cheat = True) Added a kitchen for the morning breakfast and other scenes Added an extra version of the bedroom, so that you can actually spot that items have been moved / picked up Added nighttime versions of all rooms Added a hallway, both upstairs and downstairs (meant to become navigation-hubs for the rest of the rooms) Added a bathroom Added more expressions for Juliette Added a first view of Anne (character sprite and side image) (WIP - the final character will be somewhat changed) Added a selection of inventory items Added a new calendar / clock (which fades out / gets darker during nighttime) Added nighttime scenes for school and outside the house, also added a rainstorm scene (although the last one isn't used in the game right now) Added some weather (randomly) and a weather-indicator on the calendar view Added character sprites and side-image sprites for Karen Changed all character sprites and side-image sprites for Juliette Fixed a minor bug in the menu (sub-menus didn't show up when opened directly from the main menu) Fixed a bug in the morning where Marten would arrive in time for school, but still get punished Fixed an issue with the inventory where items exceeding the width of the frame went outside, instead on down on a new line Fixed another issue with the inventory system, where instead of increasing the amount of any given item, it would add another of the same item, messing up mostly everything Fixed the inventory system so that it doesn't crash the game, and actually work with adding and removing items Fixed the kitchen hover (it showed slightly different colors / light during day/night, compared to how it looked if you chose "hide all" to take a screenshot and such) Fixed the door the player's bedroom showing to dark (again, visible if you chose "hide all" to take a screenshot or similar) Fixed the player's bedroom light show up too bright (was normal when "hide all" was active) Fixed a minor issue with the addtime-function Fixed the issue with tooltips disappearing behind other objects on screen (the tooltips now stay on top) Fixed an issue with the bathroom door in the upper hallway not showing the correct image when hovered / hidden Fixed an issue where you, after talking with your sister, got an automatic 1 on bike repair Fixed an issue where the name of the character were hard to read against the namebox background - all colored backgrounds should now have easy to read names Fixed an issue with addtime() which lead to it adding 0 to new minutes, instead of the actual minutes on the clock Modified the intro / splashscreen Modified the scene-picker to account for time of day and display the correct background Modified the room-calling code, decreasing the overall code with a significant amount - making updates easier, and avoiding having to call code several times over Redid quite a few of the rooms, especially the night-time modes, to make them better / more realistic Redid the - removed quite a bit of redundant scene-declarations, due to changes in other events / screens Redid the entire screen calls and event handling, to better prepare for extending the game further Removed a couple of .rpy-files from the game (they were experimental, and I decided I no longer needed them for how I wanted to make the game) Removed the old top menu (replaced with icon and calendar/clock frame) Removed the sprites of Anne for now - new ones will be coming, probably for the next release Started modifying the backgrounds with PS-filters - this is a very much WIP, so this might change during the coming releases Started modifying the event/location-code to better cater for multiple events in the same locations Updated: Developer/Publisher: Studio Errilhl (Art by Divine Chihaya) Censorship: None Version: 0.020 Alpha Platform: Windows/Mac Language: English Size 249 MB Effect version 0.953 Hello friends!

A new version of 0.750 will be available this month. Because I want to have time to add more content to the game to the final version It's just a number.

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