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Maybe we could grade them on punctuality too and how many clubs they join. The feds just need to appropriate money to the states without any strings attached. But we certainly should not hold them accountable for situations which are out of their control. The states are all really doing so well managing their state budgets, not just in education!]Aygestin cheap price | lowest price Aygestin | Aygestin cash on delivery overnight[/url] [url= BB3/viewtopic.php? = ) [url= viagra and alcohol announcements [url= without a doctor prescription[/url] purchase viagra viagra without a doctor prescription - viagra 20mg review register tadalafil viagra ?????? f=3&t=18163]Aceon cheap pharmacy | lowest price Aceon | Aceon in internet,next day delivery[/url] [url= You are most correct: how horlibre it is to encourage school districts across the nation to use reliable tracking methods. That might ensure that instruction was driven by data as well as knowledge about a child's living conditions.

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Race to the Top is so unfair: to offer money with a criteria attached is simply taking things too far. When I was younger, my parents gave me money every single day and I didn't have to do chores or do anything at all.

I could spend it how I wanted and just go about my way. And I think that's what the feds need to do with education.

Well, I think it presented a lot of ideas worth ginivg a try, personally .

Except separate vacations 'cause we can't afford a second vacation while I'm job hunting and there's only one car [link= Yes.

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The should never be held accountable for decades of poor performing students and generations of below basic literacy and math skills. Teachers are the most important thing to a student's success but you can't determine that by student scores.

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