Sex, x=rated online arcade games

Firstly, all female characters get Stripperiffic outfits, while all men get one Shirtless Scene after another.

Then add some "Witty Banter" between the lead characters about penis size, some bow-chicka-bow-wow, a "manly" hero and a Chaste Sidekick who's a stupid and innocent virgin, a Ms. Heck, why not go all the way and chuck everyone in bed together and say it's just you making the series more mature.

Well, that will never do—surely people only ever watch TV for the sex, right? There's only one thing for it: you'll have to make it Hotter and Sexier.If a single specific character gets this, see Historical Beauty Update, Fanservice Pack, or Adaptational Attractiveness.Going in the opposite direction will often get you Bleached Underpants or Adaptational Modesty.Because of the different attitude toward such things in Western society, this can be a shaky prospect, as many artists become well-remembered for their racier art, and often make attempts to distance themselves from it.(If you still haven't gotten the title, it's a pun on "dirty laundry".

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