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There are various types of "exotics" bred by Gorean slavers, all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as a Passion Slaves and Draft Slaves. Ho-Hak's ears leaned forward toward me, but he did not seem angry.Exotics may be bred for almost any purpose, and some of these purposes, unfortunately, seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens. He had brown hair, and brown eyes; the hair, long, was tied behind his head with a string of rence cloth.This page will touch upon the various categories of slaves.The region or the specific origin or use reserved to a girl is often the basis of classifying the "type" of slave a woman (or man) is.Such status elevates the slave over the barbarian slave woman, who was born on Earth and brought to Gor on the voyages of aquisition.Additionally, some slaves — male and female (though far rarer with the male slave) — have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matings, and their masters hold the papers to prove this. Exotic slaves, such as passion slaves, are slaves bred, not captured.

In a moment he had fastened something else there, in its place, doubtless another ribbon, doubtless the red-silk ribbon which had been given to him earlier by Mirus. In fact, the slave girl who is a pleasure slave, has gone through extensive training in the arts of pleasing, subject to an accreditation process by a slaver's house.Such opportunities are never accorded to the female slave. If she is to receive her freedom it will be fully and totally, and only, by the decision of her master. His ears were unusual, very large, and with extremely long lower lobes, drawn lower still by small, heavy pendants set in them.He had been a slave, doubtless, and doubtless, judging by the collar, and the large hands and broad back, had served on the galleys, but he had been an unusual slave, a bred exotic, doubtless originally intended by the slave maters for a destiny higher than that of the galley bench. Too, slaves may be assigned to a specific occupation or task. However, there are specific classifications of slaves found on Gor, including specialty slaves.

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