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has received a lot of attention and discussion following the announcement of the remasters at E3 2016. That unused level from the original Crash Bandicoot.

With the release date finally revealed to be June 30th, 2017, here is a rundown of what many people are speculating could also be included in order to further enhance these remasters. Supposedly removed for being too difficult, the only way to access and play this level was with a Game Shark code.

As long as they don't make Tiny sound like he did post-Crash of the Titans, I think we'll be okay.

With these remasters, though, emerges an elephant in the room.

In it, the team took an old idea and changed its point of view, redesigning the idea of a 2D sidescroller and planting the camera behind its protagonist's back for the majority of the game.

To learn more about what happened along the way, we recently spoke to the entire development team, contractors, musicians, marketers and others, hearing a story of long nights, groundbreaking technology, unbearable crunches and expensive parties.

This means that many gamers did not get a chance to play this monster of a level.

One thing rings true throughout: The tales culminate in the creation of a game that redefined the platformer genre and laid some of the early cornerstones for making Naughty Dog the juggernaut development studio it is today.We didn't have everything we owned in that car, but we had everything we owned either in that car or the truck that was following us. Because we had a bunch of other game ideas floating around.We were moving from Boston, where Andy was [working on] his master's degree at MIT, to Hollywood. We were trying to figure out what our next game was. We thought about trying to do a Final Fight-type game in 3D ...Naughty Dog initially consisted only of Rubin and Gavin.The two met in Hebrew school when they were children.

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In part of that, too, he introduced us to Mark Cerny who was like his first hire, and there was one business guy, too. It was small and cool and Skip is a great salesman — I'm still friends with him — and we're like, "Let's go to California! We slept in Chicago in some dive hotel, motel or something near Chicago, and then somewhere in the mountains, like in Colorado or Utah or something in some other motel or whatever.

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