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Both films have casts of major international actors including: The three films star Charlotte Gainsbourgand deal with characters who suffer depression or grief in different ways.

Von Trier has occasionally referred to his films as falling into thematic and stylistic trilogies. The film features two story lines that ultimately collide: Should we expect anything else from him? This trilogy consists of: My wife is very sweet, but she kept saying to me:.The city of Nuremberg wants to become European Capital of Culture 2025 and be together with the locals, the cultural artists and visitors from all over the world, the centre of European culture and life."The application for the European City of Culture 2025 paves the way for the future of Nuremberg", says mayor Dr. It will give the city the opportunity to develop...Dabei gleichen der Einreichungs- sowie der Qualitätssicherungsprozess (Peer Review) dem des Publizierens in traditionellen Zeitschriften.Die Finanzierung der entstehenden Kosten erfolgt häufig über Autorengebühren oder Artikelbearbeitungsgebühren (article processing charges, author fees).

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Stiftung Warentest (02/2010) ber die Hotelbewertungen bei Opodo: "(...) bei den Buchungsportalen filterte mit opodo nur ein Anbieter die manipulierten Hotelbewertungstexte vollstndig heraus." Ebenfalls besonders positiv wurde die Detailtiefe der Bewertungen hervorgehoben.

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